So, when will I start?

Yesterday, I found my Chinese translations of V11 and V12.

After consulting with some veterans on Baka Tsuki, I’ve decided to begin translating V11 first.

Maybe I’ll start tonight after a nap.

I probably will be posting in parts of parts – that is, the prologue, for example, takes up two pages and is one part of the volume. That means I will translate the prologue in two parts – or even one if I’m fast – and that is one part of V11.


2 thoughts on “So, when will I start?

  1. Good to see more people with the spirit are joining to translate AW

    please to meet you. Cleaner, the one doing the editions of the Illustration on English,

    Just if you are interest and to keep some consistency this is the translations (provided by /a/) of the illustrations of Vol 11

    Meeting Pic

    Niko tease


    Crow vs Ceberus

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