V11.3, administrative matters.

Well I’ve now updated the V11 section with Chapter 3. It’s identical to the wiki though, so…yeah. I just have it here.

I’ve also updated V11.1 with input from V6. I admit – and very embarrassingly at that – that I initially believed Utai communicated with sign language. Now that I know she uses a holo-keyboard and stuff, I’ve since corrected the chapter.

Currently, I estimate I’m about 10% through of V11.4; I’m continuing after this, but I don’t think I have enough time over this weekend to complete more than 30-35% of it.

As touched on in Delays, I’m adding the page for Accel World: Unlimited at a later date. With it will be links to the review doc, which will be copy-pasted here so that I can leave out all the comments on the original doc. Which will still be linked, if you’re curious about what kind of comments were made. In any case, FFN took down AW: Unlimited when I posted it, but no biggie.


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