Apologies, Admin matters.

The title is more applicable to the second part of this post, but…well, I’ll just get on with it,

It’s well-known now among the Kawahara fandom that both of his works are now licensed by Yen Press. As per SOP, BakaTsuki will be pulling off all translations by the release of the first volume…how soon that is, no one knows, but that’s putting a very tight schedule for me. :/ Well, I just hafta suck it up. So I fully expect many, many, many more people to start coming here for translations.

So just to be clear: I’m only hosting V11 and any other works I translated myself. I’m not going to imply that I might be claiming ownership over the entire project if I were to host all the translated AW material here, which would open up another can of worms. As it is, I think I have a full plate now and any other actions I take in the future are going to be thought out carefully. In other words, 三思而行.

Now for the apology:

In handling the raw text for V11.2, I missed a good three pages of text in the middle of the chapter. I discovered that while scanning my new copy of V11, so…um, better late than never.

I’ll first update the entry in BT before reflecting the change here.

Which reminds me of something….I’m interested to know if anyone can help redesign this blog. It’s a free account, but if anyone can contribute a good design (preferably something akin to Tap’s TL blog) I’m willing to pay for a paid WP account to use it if necessary.

Oh, and you want more constant updates (mixed with some slice-of-life) follow my Twitter. I set it up for this reason in mind.


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