Update on translations

It’s been awhile, but better late than never. I’ve released the first half of V11.4 on Baka Tsuki, and over here I’m going to tidy up the translations quite a bit; adding proper anchor tags, and then slowly taking my time to correct mistranslations using Jap raws.

I will also be going round all the forums I frequent and copy my translations over. This includes the Chinese AW Wiki, so if someone is willing to add it over, be my guest please.

I’ll also redo some of the more questionable translations as well, namely V3.10 and V10.3. They’ll be hosted in separate projects.

More translations to come in the future, so wait a little more…!

(Oh, and therefore I take back what I said in an older post. I’ll take and host all the translations on BT if Xplorer30 gives a go-ahead…maybe? I will make every reasonable effort to credit the original translator though.)


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