LN Archives and AW: V1 are up.

Two pages that will help me in the future when managing translations are up now.

Light Novel Archives, which can be now seen in the menu bar above, will be a record of all the translations done on Baka Tsuki and by me. Click on it to see a full list of LN volumes; completed pages will have hyperlinks, in-progress volumes link to their Project pages and have a description of their progress.

I’ve also pulled verbatim Volume 1 of Accel World into my site at last…it’s the raw text with minimal editing, so the footnotes are still dispersed inside the text. If you readers could kindly point out where the notes are, I can edit the notes in with proper links to the bottom of the whole page, rather than interrupting the flow of the LN.

I hope you enjoy these updates ^_^


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