Work is underway…

So Heikichi’s Chinese isn’t the best, I’ll admit. A lot of sentences are directly translated, so the grammar is more Chinese than English, and the inference of some words aren’t there.

Not like I’m the best Chinese translator either, so.. :/ just have to grind my way through.

Tonight’s progress is fruitful, or fruitful as half an hour of sitting down can be. Bear in mind, I’m working on my phone and have limited time…to be able to sit down to read is an achievement already in its own respect.

After the punishing exhausting strenuous foot drills and passing out parade the end of this week, I’ll see if I can clear about 5 pages this weekend. That’ll make…17% done? Chapter 6 is a mouthful at 32 pages.

Oh, and I’ll translate Chapter 12 too. It’s just one-and-a-half pages. :P


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