V6 Chapter 12: The Imperial Palace

Latest update: Chapter 12.

This was very easy to do after having had time to read through the Japanese and Chinese versions. I now see that the quality of the Chinese translations isn’t that good… ):

I’m still working on Chapter 6, please give me time, and thanks.


8 thoughts on “V6 Chapter 12: The Imperial Palace

  1. Hey Tus, when you can, do you think you could translate the last 17% of Chapter 3? (which is only about 4.5 pages all up) as it’s so confusing going from chapter 3-4 without that last little bit aha, if you can do that asap, that’d be swell, and thanks for the help with the wikia.

  2. Hello, I am new here and I do not want you guys to think that I am demand anything from Tus. But will Tus continue to translate Accel World after the book comes out in America? If yes, I would like you to know how grateful I am. If not, do you know other translators who are willing to do the job?

    • Put it this way. Everyone know that the books aren’t going to come out at the speed of Kawakami. So in the meantime while Books 1-4 are coming out, I’m going to continue V6. Xplorer30 used to translate V6 on Baka Tsuki, but after Yen Press announced their licensing he gave up and allowed me to take over his work with credits to him.

      In any case, his translations could use some serious editing. Look at the difference between his work and the two chapters translated by 4chan’s Translator-kun.

  3. Hey Tus, Intrepid from BT. Glad to hear that you are continuing with V6 after the books come out. I was under the impression that once Vol. 1 comes out in July, that would be it for any translation projects, and as such, was worried that there wasn’t much time left to get things translated. Thank you so much for your continued work on the translations; I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we all appreciate what you’re doing.

    If you don’t mind my asking, what of V9 & V11? Will those continue after V6? I’m not trying to sound pushy be any means; whatever you decide to do is fine. I was just asking out of simple curiosity.

    • Thank you.

      I’m going to continue V9 and V11 after I finish V6. They were the first volumes I wanted to translate actually :x but now that I’ve got V6 to do I’ve had to put them on hold.

  4. Glad to hear it! I and everyone else will be rooting for you, and I’ll be here to provide edits if you still want. Keep up the good work, and thanks again!

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