Volume 6 Chapter 6 & 7 Update

Retranslation update for Chapter 6.

I’ve finished slightly more than a quarter of the chapter now. I hope to continue at a steady pace even with a packed army schedule ahead of me. And as you have probably seen already, Heikichi directly translated a lot of terms; for example, the fan translation use of 四两拨千斤 was merely translated as ‘skillful deflection’ when the reading was given in katakana as ‘Guard Reversal.’ So a simple editing wouldn’t do, and a thorough edit isn’t much different from a retranslation. At the very least, I can’t help but feel that my translation has a smoother flow compared to Heikichi’s work.

And while my progress for Chapter 7 is 7.5% going by the Japanese copy, it’s merely 5.8% for Chinese… I wonder why. Anyway, the first page of Chapter 7 is also uploaded here: Translation update for Chapter 7.

It’s not a lot, but just to let you guys know that I am indeed working on both chapters.

I will admit to my embarrassment that I discovered that 五谷​​麦片淋上牛奶 actually meant ‘Five-grain cornflakes topped with milk,’ and so spent a full fifteen minutes scratching my head until I did resort to Google Translate…

Also, not really important, but I’ve updated my About Me page properly.


6 thoughts on “Volume 6 Chapter 6 & 7 Update

  1. thanks for the translation. Not to be rude, may i ask how long will it take to translate the full volume 6? Just asking. And will you translate volume 7 after this?

    • I’m not sure, actually. I will definitely need a few months, given this slow pace.

      No, I have no plans to translate Volume 7, not when mixed Milkshake just posted Chapter 2 on Baka Tsuki. It’s his project. I will be continuing Volume 9, though.

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