Volume 5 Update

Volume 5 is now completely edited with cleaned links to the footnotes at the end of each chapter! Click on the ^ symbols to return to where you were reading.

Many thanks to luis and Intrepid for their assistance in completely editing Volume 5 at my request! Of course, credit goes to Eternal Dreamer for translating it in the first place.

Obligatory disclaimer:

I don’t own Accel World, a work of shounen science fiction by Kawahara Reki.


11 thoughts on “Volume 5 Update

  1. Great to hear about chapter 6 (your reply above). I think i can say this in the name of those who doesn’t know Your personal blog,they just read B.-T. so my point is that we really appreciate Your kind work! Wish You the best of luck mate!:)

  2. While I appreciate the thought of you giving me credit for editing, the unfortunate reality is that I did next to nothing. I am, as you know, unfamiliar with anchor tags, and the increasing load of schoolwork I had at the time stopped me from really being able to contribute. I did the sample text that you gave me, but I deemed that it wasn’t really satisfactory and decided that I shouldn’t really attempt to contribute more until I know more what I am doing. After spring semester at college is over, I will definitely try again and do a better job with the formatting. So anyway, thank you both Tusjecht and Luis for your hard work!

  3. Are you going to do a bring the already done translations from Vol 10: Elements (only parts 9, 11 and 12 of chapter 2 until completion) before they take them down from B-T or do you plan on translating them from scratch?

    • I think I’ll be doing them from scratch. The quality of translation in Volume 10, I feel, is rather…subpar. But I do have a copy from BT saved with credits.

  4. I just want to say, thanks a lot for your hard work! I and many others (i’m sure!) greatly appreciate your altruism!

  5. Hey Tusjecht!
    Since it has been declared as abandoned on baka-tsuki are you still going to translate them or how will this work?

    I really would appreciate your answer :)

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