About asking for translation downloads…

I appreciate that there are readers who would like to share translated content with others. I’m fine with you asking each other for download links.

The place to ask and receive, I believe, should be a forum. On this blog, what you see from me is what you get from me. Please use Google for what I can’t provide.

For your privacy, I’ve edited out the emails of three who requested for direct emails to their account; I don’t want to be held liable for… For them receiving anything besides what they want.

If you insist so, I will update V6 with Xplorer30’s chapters 1-6 in due time.



10 thoughts on “About asking for translation downloads…

  1. Thank you for your hard work! I’ll just check for updates but it might be helpful to list a specific forum you prefer? Thanks regardless. Still Catching up.

    • Thanks for the link to the archieve but it seems that the translation for volume 7 chapter 2 is still not available. Currently, that is the only translated chapter that I am looking for so if you can find a link to the translation, I would request that you post it here as I would appreciate it.

  2. For those of you looking for the PDF version of V8.


    Better get it before it gets taken down. If need to I can reupload it again when it gets taken down

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