Volume 8 updates

All chapters and illustrations uploaded!

Credits to Intrepid for providing and editing the html for the references.

Well now, shall I concentrate on volume 6 chapter 7, volume 7 chapter 3, or volume 9 chapter 1? Tell me what you think while I continue translating V6C7…


14 thoughts on “Volume 8 updates

  1. Personally, I’m torn. All three sound like great choices. I suppose since you are only 4 chapters away and have already put a lot of work into it, finishing Volume 6 sounds like it would be the best choice.

    From there, I would say Volume 9. I think I remember you saying that volume 7 is mainly back-story on how the Disaster Armor was made and is therefore not as important to the main plot. I think a lot of readers (myself included) are dying to find out what happens next in volume 9. I have read summaries, but no summary can give the same understanding as actually getting to read the chapters.

    Another thought is that Accel World may have a second season announced this year. If that is true, they will likely adapt volumes 5-8, making translating volume 7 pointless. It would also mean that volume 9 would be the first volume we would need to read afterwards.

    Disregarding the possibility of another season, Yen Press would chronologically obsolete volume 7 before volume 9, so volume 7 would be less worthwhile to work on.

    Just my two cents. I personally have no preference and would be fine with any choice you decide on, but I thought I would consider some logistics. Anyway, thanks for your hard work as always!

  2. I’d like volume 6, because of chronological orders, and how that I hate spoilers, but can’t control myself, so if you do translate something important, it’ll ruin the story when I read what comes before.(I hope you understood what I mean, I’m not the best with words)

  3. While I think all 3 choices sound great but I would prefer you to translate volume 9 since I am curious about what happens after the events of volume 8 in which the Disaster Armor was summoned once again. Although I did read summaries but I would prefer to read the chapters once they are translated as it would give me a clearer understanding of the events.

  4. I would prefer Vol.6 because of the chronological order and it being closest to be finished, but I would also want to read more into the story of how the Disaster Armor came to be.

  5. first i’d like to thank you, for your hard and great work : )
    i’m brazilian and here the investments on LN’s are almost null. And accel world is really one of the best series i’ve ever read, and it’d be impossible without your and others translations work xD
    So i’d like to know if you are still translating or pretend to translate the other chap and volumes?
    do you think it will take much longer till the yenpress catch up to volume 6? and is it safe to buy the LNs in the amazon or ebay?
    sorry for so much questions >.<

    • As a matter of fact, I’m about one-third throught V6C6 and translated a page of V9C1 last night.

      I’m not too sure about YP’s progress and whether they’ll translate all the volumes after V1 to V4. But yes, do support the author and YP by buying the LNs.

      • great news xD
        thanks for keeping the translations, i know that it must be hard to keep it even when the other translators have stopped and the oficial translations have started in your country.
        that’s why i’m greatfull for your work, it’s shamefull but if i were you i wouldn’t have the the pacience and willingness to continue. >..<

  6. Volume 9 for me I would like to get to a point where you will be able get to the end before Yen Press so taking up a much later volume would make sense and yeah…

    I don’t know if Yen Press is going to go past Volume 4 but doesn’t it make sense for them to because we already know the story for volumes 1 – 4 so wouldn’t sales pick up for volumes 5+

    But Still I think given the uncertainty it makes sense to take the latest volume you can encase they decide to do the hole thing.

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