Volume 9 Teasers

So, while I’m working on V6C6’s retranslation (and getting closer to the 50% mark), I’m fully aware of those who want translations of Volume 9.

So yesterday and today, I flipped through the book and translated two pages from Chapter 1, as well as some of the… choicer bits.

Have fun (:

Beware! Mild Spoilers are below!

===Chapter 9===

—The last partner that fought along side with me…enough.
—You’re…strong. Stronger than me, stronger than those I’ve vanquished, stronger than those who defeated me.
—If only, your radiance can cut off the last root of trouble in this world…

As the voice vanished, Haruyuki returned to the Accelerated World again– to the clear skies of the Twilight Stage.

His right hand hugged the tired, battered body of Black Lotus, but his left hand now held absolutely nothing.

And the metallic armour of his entire body now shined brightly with the pure silvery colour of a mirror underneath the sunset.

=== Chapter 9 end ===

===Chapter 11===


Taking a step back, Haruyuki turned around to face his companions, waiting patiently for him.

Just as he was about to step out of the house onto its landing, he suddenly felt as though someone was calling to him.

Turning his head around for the final time, he saw–

A skinny avatar with deep silver-coloured armour that resembles Silver Crow was standing by the side of the table. By his side, a female avatar dyed bright orange-yellow was seated on the white chair.

A small black cat was perched on the girl’s knee, happily blinking its eyes.

Underneath the glare of the moonlight, the silhouettes of the three appears to waver, but Haruyuki is sure that this is no illusion. It is the feelings of the boy towards the girl, as well as their mutual feelings that gave rise to this cat, that have finally returned to where they belong.

–farewell. I hope, to meet again.

Fighting the urge to break down in tears, Haruyuki bid them one final goodbye in his heart. Taking a large step with his right foot, he walks away to his waiting companions beyond the doors.

=== Chapter 11 end ===

My next release will be V6C6 once I’ve done 50%, and following that should be an update for V9C1.


6 thoughts on “Volume 9 Teasers

    • *the

      By the way, I’ve been working on volume 2 for a while and I have about 4 chapters left to do. Once those are done I’ll send them your way with pictures if you don’t have them. Besides the usual italic/bold and reference formatting, I have made edits to fix a lot of the awkward sentence structure, text, and spelling, as well as adding additional references in some places. Basically, everything flows a lot better now and no details are omitted, and is essentially a more comfortable reading experience.

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