Mirishira Accel World Chapter 3!

It’s been a tiring September and it’ll only get worse for October. I have another outfield from the 14-17, and a heat rash is guaranteed this time.

Hence, I’d better push out whatever I have tomorrow or Monday, or you’ll probably not hear a peep from me for another three weeks…

*resumes translating V9.1*

Update 6th October 8.37pm:

It’s probably not worth a new post for a short update.

I got through another four paragraphs of V9.1 before laying down my pencil; this part is thick with exposition and repetition about ‘Ash being killed by Olive Glove blahblahblah.’

Simply put, I’ve had enough for the time being. I understand that Ash is precious to Haruyuki, that it is terrible for him to be ambushed in the UNF, and Haruyuki is understandably enraged by the matter, but this goes on until page 19. Chapter 1 began on page 11.

I’ll take a break from translating Volume 9, and focus my efforts on Volume 6 indefinitely. At least Volume 6 is in the middle of an actual battle and not a long-suffering, excessively drawn out internal monologue.

Bless the editor who reviewed Seven Thousand Year Prayer while it was in draft form.


4 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Thanks a lot for the update and telling us what’s going on.

    Understood about volume 9. Though still earnestly l waiting till it gets done.

  2. vol. 6 should be the priority right now anyway… but it’s not like I’m doing the work so I don’t really have any right to complain or tell you what should or shouldn’t be doing. I’m just glad someone’s doing something, keep up the good work :)

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