Volume 6, MAW updates

Prologue and Chapter 1 added.

Adding chapters 2-5 will take longer than initially thought, so please be patient.

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve removed a few more comments regarding the sharing of V6 through email.

Please don’t turn my website into a marketplace requesting for novel-sharing. It’s for reading. For searching and sharing, you turn to Google.


Chapter 4 of Mirishira Accel World is out!

After live firing tomorrow, I’ll work on some more V6.


7 thoughts on “Volume 6, MAW updates

  1. thanks for the explanation, and take your time. if you don’t drop it’s more than i can ask xD
    and you always make a excellent work, i couldn’t learn so well a language so different. >.<
    waiting for new updates o/

  2. Erm I don’t really see the difference of you uploading Volume 8: Binary Star Of Destiny, which wasn’t translated by you so your just sharing that… In fact the hole purpose of this site I thought was to share your translations.

    And some by other peoples…

    Not that I really care and its your site so you can do what you want but I just don’t see the point of deleting the comments, you would be less libel for comments sharing links or e-mail’s to get the chapters than putting them up on your site your self so… *shrugs*

    • I requested Breakdown16’s permission to host his translation on my site since his originals were removed from Baka Tsuki. This site being a translation project, I thought it was appropriate to have them up such that others can continue to read and enjoy Accel World.

      • Like I said it doesn’t really affect me because I used a site that takes snap shots of sites at various times in HTML and text so that was good enough.

        And I wasn’t talking about liability for posting other peoples translations I was talking about the liability of even putting up your own translations. Even though it is polite to ask legally speaking I’m pretty sure its quite murky on who would actually own the translations.

        As they are made from copyrighted material without the copyright holders permission, so I’m pretty sure they would be classed as the copyright holders intellectual property.

        tbh though Reki said he likes the fact that people put time and effort into doing fan translation I don’t think they asked the publisher though XD He also said he would like a official translation as well which he got… for at least some volumes but considering the sales of the AW light novels have been pretty bad I can’t see them continuing with the translation.

        Which if that’s the case I don’t really think they have a right to complain, I am talking about a strictly legal stand point when I say your libel but copyright law is f***ed.

  3. Hi Tusjecht, just wanted to say thanks for the translations, and good job on them! I was thinking of offering my help as a potential translator, as I’m pretty familiar with Chinese (studied it in China for 7 years) and I’d personally love to see Accel World fully translated, as it’s one of my most favorite series.

    If you would like something to indicate my translation experience, I’m fairly new but I’m currently contributing to the Baka-Tsuki Kokoro Connect project (http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/index.php?title=Kokoro_Connect). Again, your translations are awesome and I’d like to help too. Thanks!

    • thanks defan752, it’s good to see that there are more fans of the serie who can and is willing to help with the translation : )

  4. Hello, I just wanted to express my thanks for all of the work you’re doing. After the project has been dropped by baka tsuki I kind of lost hope to ever continue reading this fantastic story. It’s very depressing how hard it is to get English light novels, but I’m glad that there are a few dedicated people like you who translate them for us. I’m very excited to see that you picked up volume 6 and I can’t wait to read more. I can only hope that you will continue developing this project in the future, as you’re probably the only hope we have here, in Europe. Either that or waiting countless years for English releases :). Thank you very much.

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