Volume 6, MAW Updates II

A short ‘un is better than nothing. Chapter 7: continue from last update.

Mirishira Accel World finally moves into its climax! Check the page for the update; I won’t clutter the rest of this post…

I picked up a copy of Utata-P’s This is The Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee light novel, and spent some time reading through it. I guess I’ll begin translation on it as well. If you’re wondering why I dare start a new project, the speed of translation will increase after December, when I’m 99% done with my army commitment anyway! :3

Happeace*, as I’ll be abbreviating that mouthful of a title, will be updated once I finish the prologue, coming in at 33 pages. I’ll just need help looking for pictures of the illustrations…

Hence, I’ve been thinking of changing my blog’s name. Instead of ‘Accel World Translation Project…what do you think?

Comment any other choice.

Why ‘happeace?’ The full name in kanji is ‘Kochira, Koufuku Anshin Iinkai desu.’ On the armbands of the committee members, they use ‘kouan‘ which is taken from mashing ‘koufuku’ and ‘anshin’ together. Since the equivalent is putting ‘happiness’ and ‘peace’ together for a portmanteau which sounds better in Japanese, honestly, ‘happeace’ is the most appropriate-sounding contraction I can put together for the time being.

For the interested:

From こちら、幸福(Happiness) 安心(Peace of Mind) 委員会 です,

Take note of こちら、心 委員会です,

Put them together: 幸 + 安 = 幸安 KouAn

Tah dah.


11 thoughts on “Volume 6, MAW Updates II

  1. My head nearly exploded when you said you’ll be speeding up. and as for the new project well I can’t begrudge you wanting to work on other books I’m sure It has fans waiting for a translation too

  2. speeding up…that’s some good news *-*
    and about the new project, i think it’s always good to start something new/different so that you don’t get bored with something.
    but i do hope that you don’t let volume 6 behind, i think that not only me but a lot of fans are waiting for it >.<
    and as always, thanks for the good work : )

    • Well It has been the longest we have went without even a single section of a volume or a post so… Maybe… But considering the last post I wouldn’t think so…

    • Hope hes just busy translating a hole chapter rather than doing the bits and pieces that have consisted of a lot of the updates, so in fact it is completely possible that translation has picked up speed, would have been nice to drop a update saying so but eh.

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