Progress Update

Hello all. It’s been a long time since I last updated without publishing much and I deeply apologise.

After December last year, I was foolish enough to believe that January and February would be free and easy; clear the mountain of off and leaves accumulated, handover the responsibilities to the new sergeants, gym / translate / LoL whenever time permits…

We were so wrong.

The dust has finally settled and I’m free to go as of yesterday. Technically I finish active service on the 6th, but there’s nothing they can do to hold us back anymore. No more lies, no more last-minute complicated $hit, and definitely enough for two years active service.

Without further ado, here’s a quick rundown of what I’m working on:

Accel World V6: I’m going to finish all of Chapter 6 and release this next post. Looking through the final fight, I think I can do better than my old translation and fix some errors along the way.

Koufuku Anshin: Working on the Glossary rather than the first chapter; I suppose that the terms will help in interpreting the story better. And the prologue is rather vague…

Secret Report II: I’m looking to complete this with a Cleaner *cough* but this isn’t as high a priority.

I’m back in business. Workout in the morning, study and translate in the afternoon, and LoL at night. Let’s see how much can I do this March…


15 thoughts on “Progress Update

  1. Hi Tusjecht, I’m a Chinese -> English translator for Sword Art Online (you can find my blog in my Gravatar profile), and I’d like to express my interest in helping you edit and translate Accel World. It’s one of my favorite series and I would definitely like to see it completely translated.

  2. That is awesome Tusjecht, thanks for keeping up. Really looking forward to the rest of Volume 6.

    Also I started reading your Mirishira Accel World and it’s pretty cool, I really like it. Will you keep posting your progress on that too?


    • Eh, I don’t know. After an accidental hiatus for a few months, I don’t really have the motivation to edit the next few chapters for length, consistency, and better quality overall. That said, I don’t want to give it up either, so yeah…I’ll try.

  3. Hey, just started this series a week ago. I’ve been putting it off while reading/watching SAO. I’ve watched the anime and read vol 1-5, the side stories of vol 10 (minus part 9 and 11 since they can’t be found anywhere in English but were covered in the anime), and up to chapter 6 of volume 6. It’s amazing how little information is around on this series compared to SAO, I had to actually work hard to find all that! XD Anyway with all that background and reading up on the thread on animesuki It seems I will have to slow down and read it a chapter at a time as you put them out. This is no problem as it seems that you will be done loooong before the official version comes out. So on that note, you may want to check out here:

    You may know of it, you may not, but I thought maybe you would want to know that site exists so you don’t end up doing more work than necessary. Good luck, and thanks for all your hard work!

  4. Are you going to translate the volume 7 and 9, cuz really i’m getting crazy, plz don’t get me wrong, the thing is, i’m from Brazil and your blog is the only way i have to read the light novels. Well what i mean is that i can’t wait for you to update new chapters.

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