Volume 6, Chapter 6

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At last, the first chapter (or rather, half a chapter) that I’ve completed since army finished. A great weight has been lifted of my chest.

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve teamed up with defan & CJ on a new site to host all volumes of AW from V6 onwards. Here’s a link to the announcement which contains the new link as well.

At present, I’m going to resume studies as well, but I’ll probably start on Chapter 7 after this. Perhaps monthly releases will become the norm.

Til the next post!



9 thoughts on “Volume 6, Chapter 6

  1. Best news this year, dude bi or Tri monthly would be fine with me monthly is just plain damn awesome… I just wish there was a donate button so I could give you £50 or something.

    • Tbh I know this a labour of love but I just wish I could support you in some way because I really want to know what happens and the official translations are going to probably end at volume 4 maybe 5 which means no progress from the fan translations. I just wish I could show my gratitude in some other more objective form than simply words.

      • I love how international the community is… from Britain to the USA to China and beyond…

  2. Thank you for the work you’re doing, the yen press releases are just way too slow. I mean, in Japan they already have 18 volumes and we’re stuck with 3 almost 4, so keep going, I’m with you with all my heart !

    p.s : I was wondering if you still had the volume 5, or if it has been taken down. And if you still have it, could it be possible to get it ?

    • Although I think even if you do think you can do it before Yen press its a bit of a wasted effort as we are garrenteed a volume 6 either way, its better to focus on what Yen press has not already said they are going to do.

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