Hiatus announcement

Hello everyone.

I owe an apology about not updating in forever, so here it is. I’m sorry and I regret that I am not able to continue translation of Accel World indefinitely.

It’s simple, really; my parents’ marriage has gone south and I am deeply affected. I wish I could say otherwise, that I can just put it aside and continue on with studies and hobbies, but I can’t.

I am aware that a certain company is releasing the next volume next year. All I can say is, buy it if you want, or search for a scan somewhere else. As for the content on this website, I will not take it down unless specifically asked to.

I seek your understanding. For now, I’m going to clean up my life.



8 thoughts on “Hiatus announcement

  1. Thank you for your work so far. It has been appreciated! As it should be irl things take priority. Hope to still see you around. :)

  2. It’s sad to see someone go from the LN translating scene small as it is, just know that your work will always be appreciated, thanks for all the time you gave to this project and for letting us moonrune-ignorant folks enjoy this series.

  3. Hope everything sorts its self out, and not just because I want more translations of Accel World But for your personal well being as well.

    • Oh and I have already pre-ordered Vol 5 and I’ll be pre ordering Vol 6 sometime in Feb so yeah. Was going to buy them either way.

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