End of Hiatus

Hello everyone. I’m here to quit hiatus.

This time, I won’t be translating alone. I have had contact with defan752, translator of Kokoro Connect and SAO, and Kenny CJ. Together, they’ve been releasing translations of V6 and V7 on our collaborative website, Burstlinkers. Together, I know we can accomplish a lot more, and already their efforts have borne fruit. Now I’d like to commit as well.

Thus, while I will post updates here, the translations themselves will be up on Burstlinkers. This site will most likely be used for uploading my own fanfiction, writing, and a page for whatever I want to write about Accel World.

I’d like to thank everyone for the words of support and encouragement. If you’d like to support Kawahara Reki, do so by buying his books or ordering from a certain publishing company.

Now, let’s begin.



2 thoughts on “End of Hiatus

  1. Yeah! Burst LINK! been waiting for this! i knew you would continue translating Accel World! you love it too much you can’t quit indefinitely!

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