Accel World: Colour Chart

It's bigger!

It’s bigger!

Warning: the file is BIG (5796 x 8338)!

The picture isn’t so big now – it’s 2898 x 4169 px now, exactly half the dimensions.

A little something I did in my spare time. I translated this from Volume 10’s chart, but with the low quality of the picture, I decided to try making it from scratch with Adobe Illustrator. It wasn’t easy but I’ve come a long way and I really enjoyed making it. Oh, and the new site banner was made in Illustrator as well!

With its really high resolution, I’m hoping to eventually add more characters here. The ultimate achievement would be to make it an interactive page in HTML; imagine if you could hover over the names and open windows containing a short description of the avatar in question! But that’s a long way off.

In the meantime, I’ll continue working on Koufuku Anshin and editing AW V10.


2 thoughts on “Accel World: Colour Chart

  1. wooaa. that’s big.
    By the way, is it alright if I ask? is there already a translation of volume 9 of AW?

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