Carbide Wolf: Legionnaire List

I was crazy enough to recreate this page again in Illustrator over the last week.

List of Legionnaires

Not so high-quality this time round, I figure 150dpi will do the trick. I screwed up while drawing the map of Tokyo with the Pen Tool, however – I believe some of my lines aren’t closed segments, and so when trying to split them up into distinct shapes with Pathfinder and applied a grey colour, there’s some segments that are discoloured. I’m stumped as to how to solve it, short of starting over, so there’s that.

I will also be uploading an easier-to-read version of the colour chart – I think the font was way too small, and I’ve since increased the font across the board.

All my raws are back home in Singapore. I’ll be working on other things until I return home.


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