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Volume 1: Princess Snow Black’s Return [Status: Editing, very slowly.]
Volume 2: Crimson Storm Princess
Volume 3: Dusk Robber
Volume 4: Flight Towards Blue Skies
Volume 5: Floating Bridge In Starlight
Volume 6: Shrine Maiden Of Purifying Flames [Status: Translating Chapter 7, Retranslating Chapter 6]
Volume 7: Disaster Armour [Status: Chapters 1 & 2 added.]
Volume 8: Binary Star Of Destiny
Volume 9: Seven Thousand Year Prayer [Status: Translating Chapter 1 On hold]
Volume 10: Elements (Side Stories)
Volume 11: Carbide Wolf [Status: Translating Chapters 2 & 4 On hold]
Volume 12: Red Emblem
Volume 13: Waterside Beacon
Volume 14: Tempestous Light Archangel
Volume 15: The End And The Beginning
Volume 16: The Slumber Of Princess Snow White
Volume 17: Cradle Of Stars


18 thoughts on “Accel World

  1. Uhhmm…. hey I just wanted to check for updates and progress on your translation, but since you haven’t post any, can I ask why?

    • Hi.

      I’m aware that I’ve not been updating for a long while, and it’s because I’m tied up with RL.

      I’m serving 9 more months of compulsory conscription. I’m very busy with several high-key events, namely an outfield exercise, presidential gun salute for national day, and duties as a commander.

      I’m not giving up on the project. It doesn’t sound like a strong commitment, perhaps, but when I have free time, Accel World is one of the things I look forward to.

      • Thanks very much for your work on this series – we all appreciate it, and it’s more than understandable that RL can get in the way sometimes. I look forward to your upcoming translations, and good luck.

  2. Ahhhh, I’m glad that you would still continue your translations. Also I’m willing to wait if you don’t have enough time to do a steady work.

  3. Hai tusjecht san and everybody who read this.
    Can you please tell me where i can read the summary of accel world volume 6-13?
    I’m really stuck on this LN now,. Really really bad! And I’m desperate to know that baka stuki has close this LN And i really mad to myself because when bakastuki announced to close accel world I dont give a shit. I really regret it now. I just watch this anime this month, and once again i regret that i dont watch this early just because i dont like the appearance of lead male character.
    But now i just can stop thingking about haruyuki and kuroyukihime san.
    Thaaaaaanks very much

  4. Hey I just found your blog i saw you don’t have volumes 2, 3 and 4.
    I have a copy of those 3 and also of volume 1 wich I had downloaded from bakatsukis forums some time ago, I don’t know if you need/want them but if you do tell me and I’ll try to send them to you
    (I have them in pdf)
    Hope you keep on translating because I think you are helping a lot of people, at least you are helping me (:

  5. I thank you for your efforts in translating, but have one serious question. Why arent you translating these Light Novels in order of events. Meaning from V1 up to V16? I for one would LOVE to read from Volume one through anime events and beyond instead of jumping around not making any sense of what leads up to the events Im reading about. Just a question. Again, I appreciate the effort made though. Thank you.

    • Well, Volumes 1 through 4 were already translated on Baka-Tsuki before they were taken down. I do acknowledge that due to time pressures, the quality of translation is subpar, but I’m willing to put them up upon request.

      (Which then necessitates the monotonous task of formatting the references with proper html coding…)

  6. Hi Tusjecht, I have some word doc of vol. 1-5, vol.8 and some unfinished chapter/volumes which are I copied it from Baka-Tsuki. If they can help you I’d be very happy to share them with you

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