I don’t know a millimetre about Accel World!


Did you think that Brain Burst is always about the game, and only about the game?

No matter how absorbed you are into the virtual world, it is not a complete and total escape from reality.

All the more so, the price of seeking strength in Accel World…

…is your relationships with those you hold dear in reality.

Summary: Gunsou Kihara, aged 12, fresh from elementary school and as ready as he’ll ever be for middle school. Together with his childhood friend, Misawa Kitamura, they step into a new future, a new beginning… and wade into the dark, tangled world of Brain Burst. Will their friendship, forged by circumstance and the need for survival, pull through? Or will the unforgiving pull of Acceleration spin things beyond his control? Time is not on his side, and the more he Accelerates, the faster it runs out…

An original story in Japan, the year 2041. The Neuro Linker, the Social Security Camera Network, and the illegal program BB2039.exe all exist; the original cast do not.

I own this work of fan fiction, but the universe belongs to Kawahara Reki and his MMORPG-obsessed mind.


00: Introduction (Added 29th May ’14)
01: It’s just the new school, I guess (Added 29th May ’14)
02: Welcome to the Accelerated World (added 30th August ’14)
03: The first fight is the toughest (added 4th October ’14)
04: It would be good if I could kill the pain… (added 23rd October ’14)
05: The Decisive Battle I (added 14th November ’14)
05: The Decisive Battle II (updated 30th March ’15)
06: Epilogue (Updated 11th August ’15)


9 thoughts on “I don’t know a millimetre about Accel World!

  1. Great work you have there, I’m hoping to see more of this awesome story.

    Just asking, in your story is BB in its early stage?

  2. is this side story or main story ? I don’t know which one but this is awesome :D maybe I want to translate it to indonesian… after my main project has done of course …

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