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I am no longer using this website. Thank you for all your support and comments. If you’d like to follow me for any updates, please go to Destination Translations where I am building myself a new identity and a fresh start to my hobby.


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    • “I’ve set a target for myself to finish the novel by May 2013”
      @jyptir: I think he only meant volume 11, not the whole novel, the novel is ongoing so even if one wanted to finish it whole, it can’t be done
      If you bothered some more you’d notice his yet only and one (volume 11) Project: Carbide Wolf [超硬の狼]
      @TUsky: I say it’s fairly fast completing volume 11 in only 4+ months; heads up!

  1. Thanks for doing this. You guys are awesome. You may not be getting enough thank you’s from us english language dependent people, but I think they’re as grateful as i am for you. Thanks again and keep it up.

  2. Would you like to make a “joint project”? Baka to test [manga] was dropped 6 months ago. I will do all the cleaning and typesetter. all you will need to provide will be the translations. You can translate once every month i don’t care as long as you feel confortable with it, cuz it is so hard to find a translator :/

    this is my blog: http://wannabescanlations.wordpress.com/

    • Manga, huh. I’ll consider trying a chapter first, but some notes:

      I translate from Chinese to English; even though I’m learning Japanese atm, Chinese is still my better second language. That said, I can give my best if I have both the Chinese and Japanese raws.

      I’m also involved with the project for Accel World’s light novels, since the J>E translators have all lost interest, it’s now up to me and one other Chinese translator to keep it up. So this takes priority over other projects.

      Still, send me a chapter in Chinese, I’ll look it up (:

  3. Hello!
    Keep up the good work!
    I saw in the BT forum, that you want to backup the AW work, images, etc. I did it at the last weekend and I can send it if you interested. :)

  4. Thank you for the work you’re doing and keeping this alive. Baka Tsuki has me down at the rate they’re translating. Not that anyone is to blame, I just hate hate hate how large of a project this all is and wish the professional company taking it over did it at a book a month or something along the lines that one would expect a professional to do.

    I’ll be checking here often, can’t wait for V6 to be finished.

  5. It can’t be easy doing all this work by yourself, and for free to boot on a project that feels like it’s dying. most of the time I just lurk, but I will say at least thank you for trying to keep the project alive.

    • Would it hurt if I said no? I need to be a little realistic about how much time I have versus how much content each volume delivers.

      Volume 7’s main significance is the backstory of Chrome Disaster and the Enhanced Armaments that the Disaster Armour was made from, all of which was explained in a single chapter; the first one. Later chapters back in present time show that a mysterious Burst Linker, Azure Heir, has been living in the Imperial Palace for god-knows-how-long, and he pulls out another rare Enhanced Armament to save Crow and Maiden. Tbh it smacks of deus ex machina.

      Afterwards is a mild fanservice portion dealing with how Haruyuki woke up in the real world after being disconnected.

      The last chapter(s) reveal that Takumu went and duelled a PK group in a Sudden Death match; Haruyuki the Main Bro of course goes to look for him, and that’s when he finds out that Taku is alive and kicking with badass, thanks to the ISS kit.

      They Direct connect and duel, and the rest is covered in Volume 8.

      Tbh this volume was mostly filler about Chrome Disaster and right now, I’m only interested in summarising each chapter rather than a complete translation.

      • First of all, I know that you need to consider your time, and prioritize the most important parts. And most important, that its up to you, to translate or not, and I wont criticize you if you finally decide to not translate it, since, being blunt, you are doing us, who can’t read Japanise/Chinese, a great favor, and it is not our place (neither we can anyway) to force you do anything.

        But… Well, yeah, it hurts a bit…

        ‘Cause, It’s not that I dont believe in you. It’s just that some (me included) likes those parts. It’s just that, when theres a gap, even if there aren’t plot-changing evolutions, It feels like it’s missing something. I particulary enjoy those scenes of everyday life and all, cause they always tell some details of the world (be either the real or accelerated one). And that, many times, helps a lot imagining the plot-changing scenes.

        They also many times show, the character evolutions, their personalities changing. And even the fanservice scenes give me good laughts xD

        Yeah, I’ll be sad if I can’t get the complete volume until they release it in english, but… well, I guess I can’t do anything ’bout that =x

        Anyway, Thanks again for translating! ^^

  6. I’m not here to ask for some translated bit or whatnot.
    Just passing by to say thank you.
    I obviously wouldn’t know how much time and effort you’ve put into translating AW, and, I’m amazed that you can keep it up even with the little time you have to yourself.
    I’m creating an account on animesuki. Look for the cute little kobold!

    You’re awesome!

      • Wow, really happy to find someone with a similar experience. I’m currently translating Rondo of the Transient Sword from both the Chinese and Japanese raws as well.
        Good luck to your NS!
        Btw how do you normally translate? Do you place the window side by side or kind of interlace the different languages paragraphs?

      • I’m holding physical copies of V6 in Chinese and Japanese: Popular sells Chi and Kinokuniya sells the Japanese. Problem is, it’s getting harder to find copies at Popular….

  7. I see, actually Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann Shopping Center sells Chinese version SAO as well, not sure about AW.
    I prefer interlacing the digital text together in one document, as in that way I will not get lost between the paragraphs while typing out the translation. Normally the Chinese fan translation can be found on lknovel.lightnovel.cn, and the jp raw can be found somewhere on jpddl (but only scanned pics is available for Bunko version).

    • I bought the printed Chinese translation of Progressive 1 from popular as a reference though, because the meaning conveyed by the fan translation is not accurate/wrong at times.
      Would you mind telling which JC/Poly did you go to? ^_^

  8. I tried using the Chinese fan translations pulled from their forums at first too, but I couldn’t catch anything with their choice of words :x At least the Kadokawa translators use a bit more… how-should-I-say, plain Chinese. It’s easier to read and I don’t have to keep flicking back to the dictionary to check word after word.

    I went to NYJC, by the way,

    • Yeah they tend to lift the Japanese Kanji terms directly sometimes, haha. Also their sentence structures tend to resemble the Jap text as well, and that may be a reason for the not-so-plain Chinese.

  9. Dude I would so help you but I don’t know written Japanese at all and I’m dyslexic so I couldn’t even help you edit. I really wish I could but unfortunately I can’t.

  10. i have 2 questions if you could answer them please first is “princess snow black return” is missing what happend to it? and second is where can i see what you have translated so far in the respective order of the history?

    • I don’t encourage PDF downloads nor links to download here. The exception is Volume 8, which was translated by Breakdown16, which a reader used to make an Epub download.

  11. I’m a little confused…

    Am I right in saying that you are NOT translating all of the novels? You seem to have mentioned you’re only summarising some of them.

    So there’s no way to get any actual translations without waiting a ridiculous number of years for official translated releases? (Which don’t even exist as Ebooks in the UK, it seems)

    But my main issue is with the content on Baka Tsuki. They’ve removed everything. I accessed it through the internet archive, but found that some volumes simply weren’t translated.

    What I’m wondering is… why for the love of god would people translate the novels out of order? What’s the point in having a translation for volume 7 when there’s no translation for volume 6, for example?

    Were different teams working on each volume? It seems I can only read up to volume 5 and it’s driving me insane.

  12. I see here that Aceel World Volume 5 is fully translated on baka-tsuki…or at least up to chapter 6. I tried clicking on the link for chapter 7 and I got a respond saying ‘Hrm. Wayback Machine doesn’t have that page archived.’ Can you or someone inform me on what happened? I really just want to finish volume 5.

  13. お久しぶりです : 3
    Reading over my translations, I want to laugh at how bad they are. ><
    I'm a bit saddened to see that the project's been abandoned on Baka-Tsuki (and also sad that you can't see the forums anymore without an account).
    Well, I did try my best for a first translation attempt, although this was my one and only translation project ever. What happened to the side stories?

    • I’ve never really given myself time to translating ‘Traces of Prominence,’ what with army burning through my time and all. As for your work on Twin Black Swords, I have yet to upload it.

      • I see; feel free to do with it as you see fit. Hope you make progress in your current and future translation endeavors! I’ll be supporting you from the shadows, dropping by once every few months or so perhaps ^^

  14. Yo Tus! Long time no see, I guess I should say! You might remember me, you might not. Oh well, no biggy! I recently finished a binge of Accel World dubbed, and felt the need to search for the novels translated(for the 1000th time). Then I find your webpage, that I hadn’t found before in previous searches. I guess it’s fate! Also, I will finally get around to reading your fanfiction now, so that’ll be good!

  15. Hello.
    First, thank you for your work. I love this novel and it pains me to see that there isn’t available translations in english (since I’m sure it’s nearly impossible to find them in french).

    On the other hand, since I have a lot of free time right now, I wanted to know if you could lend me your japonese or chinese support for me to translate? If they turn out right, I’m all for giving them to you so you could update some volumes.

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