Mirishira Accel World Chapter 3! It’s been a tiring September and it’ll only get worse for October. I have another outfield from the 14-17, and a heat rash is guaranteed this time. Hence, I’d better push out whatever I have tomorrow or Monday, or you’ll probably not hear a peep from me for another three…

Volume 9 Teasers

So, while I’m working on V6C6’s retranslation (and getting closer to the 50% mark), I’m fully aware of those who want translations of Volume 9. So yesterday and today, I flipped through the book and translated two pages from Chapter 1, as well as some of the… choicer bits. Have fun (:

Translation and Fanfiction updates

Based on the feedback from the last post, Volume 6 it’ll be, then. More of my own fanfiction entries are coming up; see the above Fanfiction tab to get to my one two entries posted: Judgement Blow and Mirishira Accel World. Speaking of which, Chapter 2 has been uploaded!

Volume 8 updates

All chapters and illustrations uploaded! Credits to Intrepid for providing and editing the html for the references. Well now, shall I concentrate on volume 6 chapter 7, volume 7 chapter 3, or volume 9 chapter 1? Tell me what you think while I continue translating V6C7…

Volume 8: Binary Star Of Destiny – Updates

Alright, I think the title is attention-grabbing enough; click to read here. Credits to Touche for finding the webarchive.org link to the translated text. This is where it gets hard though: I’m missing the illustrations for V8, and every reference in the Baka Tsuki text needs to have its html coding properly done. For those…

Accel World Infodump: Kasoku Sekai

Infodump (Outbound link) Tumblr. A personal project by my buddy Optimura. Together, we’ve brought information, spoilers, and pictures all over into one place for ease of understanding and convenience. This link appears again in Light Novel Archives.